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“…you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from.”

So, where am I coming from? I am a simple housewife who hates it most when my intelligence is challenged by crudities displayed by our government officials who believe they can manipulate the Filipinos around their little fingers any which way they want and get away with it, and who happens to know I am not alone with this feeling brewing inside. My family, supportive as they are, are worried about the damage that being angry a lot of times might be doing to my heart; but I maintain that if I continue to exercise my thinking prowess with all this “brewing,” it will be a good exercise to ward off Alzheimer’s disease, at the very least.

I am a very opinionated persona, and I firmly believe that the internet world should, at the very least, have a record of my semi-precious, shamelessly direct opinions. <g>