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Jul 2007
The extent of freedom of speech
Posted in Uncategorized by Tita Becky at 6:59 pm | 2 Comments »

Freedom to say or print anything, under any political setup, has its implied or expressed set of responsibilities and limitations.

Our press has the freedom to print anything, but it should do so with a high degree of accuracy of facts. To say something to distort these facts with an attempt to be destructive instead of constructive, or to camouflage the truth to make a certain sector of society look good at the expense of truth, is definitely a big no-no toward responsible reporting.

Reporting should be just that–reporting of events in its barest form. Sensationalism should be avoided. Opinions are not news items–these are hearsays, rumors, personal opinions, and may or may not be based on objective facts but on subjective feelings. These fall in another category–like, maybe, showbiz?

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